Welcome to a land without borders

Feldelwood forest. With ruins of old and markings of ancient civilication the forest has been a treasuregrove for manys the adventurer, and thousands have lost their life looking for fortune.

Richest piece of natural resources in miles and miles everyone wants it, but noone can tame it. Toss in a mix of native elves, Bandit-lords, orc warchiefs, raiders and power-hungry marchals and you will have a setup for quite the story.

Only the desperate or foolhardy travel here. Why did you?

Silent shadows by andreasrocha d335a95

Party level: 4

Player points earned:

Player Points available (Point total)
Christian 6 (6)
Haakon 4 (4)
HÃ¥kon 6 (8)
Mats 4 (7)
Connor 1 (1)

Dark Deception

Silent shadows by andreasrocha d335a95 hokon FrostSunblade cnordskog ConnorNaess