Dark Deception

Finally there part 2

The next day the party learned that a key was needed to open the big gate and they decided that the two most likely locations of the key were either a strange tower or a huge open gate which there had been spotted goblins around.

The party decided to check the tower first. Upon arriving at the tower they notice that around the tower everything is in perfect shape, the grass is finely cut and there is no rubble here. As they enter the area all their clothes become clean, and beards are shaved into goatees and their hair is fixed to look nicely groomed. There is an overwhelming aura here too, but it seems to only uphold the perfect condition around the tower.

They find a double door leading into the tower with statues on either side of the door. As they approach a blue light is emitted from the statues illuminating an area in front of the door in blue. As the party enters the blue area it turns red and a sound is heard. The sound is found out to be a voice but the spell has faded with time distorting the voice beyond understanding. Also the door won’t open.

The inquisitor and the Halfling goes off to see if they can make a ram to open the door. This turns out to be a bad idea as they are ambushed by a four armed gorilla which kills the inquisitor. The Halfling rides back to the other two and they battle the gorilla. The elf dies.

(part where I wasn’t at the table, apparently they won and then they somehow came over some statues that turned into some new party members and then they went back to the camp)

While at the camp they tested out a bar of strange metal which seemed to defy gravity. They used it on the huge door and it seemed like an outer layer peeled of the door revealing strange green glowing runes covering the door, also the door was emitting a massive amount of heat.

After that they decided to check out the massive gate. A goblin spots them as they approach. Inside is a massive room with pillars and 3 more huge doors. The one straight ahead leads to another big room where the goblins have a arbalest set up pointing at the door. The party goes into the door on the left, and find a hole leading into the room with the goblins. They try a distraction but it fails and a poorly planned battle ensues. The goblins are defeated, but one goblin got away.

The party press on to exiting onto a cliff that looks over the ocean. The sky here is purple. They go on down the path toward a building which appears to be a plantation. But out of the building a troll bursts forth being ridden by four goblins.



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