Dark Deception

Finally there part 3

As the troll ridden by several goblins charged fort the ground cracked menacingly, The party ignoring these hints of immense danger fought the Troll, some moved away while others where within striking distance of the troll and thusly refused to move to a safer location. After brutal fighting Panther was slain by the troll as Panzer tried to pull out of the fight. Alide was knocked unconscious and as Luciet tried to move over to her to administer healing aid the troll ate her.

Jeran the witcher charged forth as teh ground cracked and started falling, he tied a rope around himself and trew the other end to Artha. Artha and panzer secured the other end of the rope as Jeran got hold of both Luciet and Alide. After some dangling about the Troll losts its grip of Luciet and they started pulling them up to safety.

At this time Worgs where “sneaking” up on Panzer and Arth. After brief and very catastrophic negotiation the Worgs attacked Panzer and Artha, they somehow managed to pull Luciet, Jeran and Alide to safety.

At this point the worgs had managed to knock Panzer unconscious and had started dragging him away into tunnels leading deeper into the goblin “stronghold”.

After some hesitating and “planning” the party advanced onwards. Artha foiled a trap and scouted a big hall where we heard goblins and worgs, after some hesitation over their grand numbers we set up a cunnign attack plan, which when ready to be sprung had little effect due to the goblins no longer being there. We fought only the worgs.

Luciet and Alide quickly learned why you do not call a Worg a puppy or other dog related terms.

the figth was hard and brutal but ended with “victory” altough the worg leader was still alive.

the party advanced out in the direction the Worgs told us to and found Panzer tied up. we quickly disposed of his guards and freed him.

Then we started hightailing it back out again but once we returned to the hall where we had fougth the Worgs we where surrounded by 50ish goblins and a weird hooded small figgure.

The goblins led their “captives” to a grand hole deep underground and had us jump into it to take some kind of “test”.

down there we met a giant spider which we evaded at this point and then we entered into a giatn underground cave with a giant pavillion. After some “research” of a local alter we found we did some chanting and unleashed an anncient godess known only as “Bladed Queen” ( Or something like that ). She murdered the hooded figgure which had unbeknownst to uss followed uss down here and rewarded us with a bunch of magical items, a ring of “truth”, a masterwork splint armor, masterwork small steel shield, a bow of fire and a triangle thingie that levitated by itself and was “uncomplete”

And thats where we ended it



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