Dark Deception

New region, new possibilites.

So it begins… Part 1 27th March.

The party started in a carriage on the way to Grendelwood, on the way there they got ambushed by a large monster. The ambush resulted in the party being knocked unconscious. They woke up several hours later and got out of the toppled carriage. They carried onwards through the night towards Grendelwood. They arrived a couple of hours later only being told to wait until daylight to be allowed entrance. They waited until the next day and was allowed back in, they tried to find a inn for a place to sleep, they eventually found one after many hours of looking for it in the very disorganized town. They all paid for a night and went looking for work. They went to the Warden’s office and from there found some notices, one which caught their eye. WANTED: Mauler. They also found out there was possibly goblins and was offered a reward to find out if they were still there. The group slept for the night and woke up next morning and find out someone had been through their stuff, not stealing anything. They went towards the front gate and got ambushed by several bandits, the party fought them and ended in injury but chasing them off. They all went back to the inn to tend to their wounds. Hoping that they will not run into them again the next morning.

Thus it ends for now… Part 1 30th March.



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