Dark Deception

New region, new possibilites.

So it begins… Part 2 31th March.

The party woke up to a fire in their inn, they quickly managed to get out, but the inquisitor saved a woman named Mariana and her two babies from certain death in the burning building. Grateful for him saving their life she gave him two purple like coins. They were recommended another inn now that their inn had been burned, thankfully the fire did not spread thanks to the dwarf’s efforts to make a bucketline. They went to the recommended inn “The prancing dragon” There they enjoyed the luxury of the inn for a couple of days to regain their strength.

After two days they went out again, this time to finish what they were planning to do earlier, locate the goblins and aquire the mail from the carriage. They set out for the carriage’s location and upon arrival everything had been taken, including the nails in the wood, but the planks themself were left there. The group tried to track down those who did it and stumbled upon a Gribling village, full of these small frog humanoid looking creatures they found out they love to trade, they managed to trade the mail back for a pair of daggers. They were halfway out of the village before they noticed the sun was going down and asked if they could stay for one night. The Griblings allowed them to stay for the night and even moved more space for their tent.

During the night something attacked the griblins camp and made off with the son of the chief. The group decided to track it, though the witcher was not very keen on doing this. After a while they got ambushed by a Giant Mantis which severely wounded the dwarf, but the group killed it. They kept on moving as this was not the monster they were looking for and eventually came to a open clearing were a Dire Wolverine was standing and eating at a gribling, agreeing that this was the monster that attacked the group attacked it. After dealing with it, it left the witcher in mortal injuries, but he was somehow still alive. It was now that they noticed it was a perfectly round clearing with a purple sky, the elf did not figure out what it was and they all left the clearing.

Returning to the gribling village they got praised as heroes until they mentioned that they had been in the purple clearing, it turned out to be their sacred ground and they were surrounded by weapons, after the chief spoke to the shaman of the village they were still accepted there and the shaman tended to the witcher’s wounds. Thankful for the aid and rest the party returned to the town and returned the mail, earning a hundred gold and they made their way back to the inn and rested there.

Thus it ends for now… Part 2 3th April.



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