Dark Deception

The murder

After resting up, the party woke up to an unusually silent inn. They find out that there has been a murder in the Riverside district. The party decides to investigate, and after getting approved by the city guard they enter the house of the dead person. In the house they find a strange symbol on some black marbles that the murderer had stuck in the deceased persons eyes and it looks like the murder had ravaged the body until it was barely recognisable as a human.

In the basement they found a secret tunnel, inside the triggered a trap and the party was too hurt to go on. They returned to the inn, and while the wounded part members rested, the others went too see if they could find out anything about the symbol. They met an old man living in a tree that looked into it, but he found out nothing.

The next day the party went back down into the secret tunnel, it soon split into a T junction where they found out that one path probably led to another entrance due to a pit trap in that direction which seemed meant for people coming the other way.

The last path led into a room with statues lining the walls and an altar of some sort, the room was also illuminated by magical light. Between the statues were tripwires. But soon the statues woke to life, they turned out to be gargoyles. The party fled out a hidden door they found and ended up coming into the basement of an inn. They managed to get out of the inn with little incident and got to the city guard. The party explained what they have found and was offered an reward if they could clear out the gargoyles.

The party deciding that the gargoyles where to tough and too many for them to handle. So they left for Waterfall village were an archaeologist named Dr. Heartfail was waiting for anyone willing to sign up for guarding his expedition. Some days later they ventured out with the caravan.



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