Dark Deception

The pyramid

The caravan arrived at a canyon which was unnaturally round with a mountain going from the middle and far into the sky. The caravan had lost wagons on it’s way here because of the difficult terrain.

As the caravan continued into the canyon they came to a river running along so slowly that if it went any slower it would be standing still. The caravan got to work getting everything over on the other side but as they were halfway done something happened.

A troll appeared and went over to drinking water from the river, after it noticed the caravan because of a certain dwarf sticking an axe in it’s behind, a battle ensued. Men were wounded and killed but eventually they figured out that they needed to finish it off with fire.

They finished moving things over to the other side and continued. Soon enough they came to an old road leading in the direction they were going. Soon the caravan came to a rather ominous pyramid. Nothing was alive around the pyramid in a perfect circle. There was a strong magical aura over the place, yet the caravan decided to investigate as they didn’t instantly die upon entering the lifeless area.

When they got a good bit into the area, the ground began rumbling. Suddenly skeletons came out of the ground attacking everyone. And then as the party battled these skeletons another three skeletons armed and meaner looking appeared up ahead. The dwarf charged them and ended up being struck down. By then the caravan was already trying to retreat.

It seemed hopeless to get to the dwarf, but then ballista bolts rained from the sky which upon closer inspection turned out to be huge arrows being shot by a giant. With that distraction and both champion skeletons trying to kill of the elf. The Witcher got to the dwarf and carried him out as the rest retreated. As the where getting out of there the sky turned green and it began raining some kind of dangerous rain, also for a second it looked like there was a figure standing on top of the pyramid.

The caravan got out and they set up camp back down the road to rest after the days events.



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