Arta rarely shows his face.
He does have a big Panther skin that cover most of his back and head. When people see the panther skin they realize that the panther had to be much bigger then normal.
The fangs of the panther hangs over his brown eyes.
He wears regular brown pants and some brown leather boots.

He carries a big bow on his back, and he have tied some trophy’s on his bow, some small patches of hair that most people from his time recognizes.


Arta originally lived in a time long lost. He gave his word and soul to help the people at a later time. That did not go as planned, it seems that the civilization passed and either forgot them or it happened to quickly to get help from The Soulgiven.

He originally lived in a Forest with only his dad. his dad never talked about his mother. but Arta learned the art of hunting and tracking from one of the best there was. The only other living thing in the hut was a big cat, more specifically a blue tiger(Maltese tiger in IRL). When he was 10 his father died. Arta decided at that point he did not want to stay at the lonely hut, so he went to the City.

There he spent most of his youth with a street gang, the Black Dogs.He had a longtime girlfriend that was named Celistra, her parents did not approve of them and later sent her away when they discovered Celistra was pregnant. He leaved when he realized that this life where nothing for him. So he traveled the roads, doing small jobs as he went. Like helping caravans, killing some creatures that threatned community’s.
It was on those travels that he got his Panther hide.

There is only one thing he have that belonged to his mother, and that is his ring, a signet ring. It shows a eye being bitten by a mouthful of teeth.
He looked for any signs of his mother on his travels on the road, but the search did not bring anything productive. he also looked for Celistra and the child he never got to know.

He managed to get a job, working as a Royal tracker. He quickly excelled as a tracker and he were considered one of the best ones. That were probabley one of the reasons he got chosen to be one of the Soulgiven.

He would like to find out two things in the time he is in now. the first one is to find out who his mother was and where she was from. The second one is to find about his kin.


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