Bavragor Shimmerbeardslag [KIA]

slightly taller than regular dwarf and slightly slimmer, wears his beard in a unkept bushy way. Red hair and beard


Bavragor Shimmerbeard was a warrior in the blue range mountains located far to the north, one day when out on patrol looking for some orc invader scout patrols he and his love interest got attacked by a ambush of orcs. They two dwarves fought fiercly but Bavragor lost himself in endless rage and when he got back to his senses his love interest was no more, it looked like he was the one who had done it, he didnt believe he could possibly have done so himself but all proof pointed towards him, thus he was banished from the blue range, only to return if he did a major deed that benefited the dwarven race or retrieved a powerfull artifact of some sort.

That is what Brings him to this place

Bavragor utterly hates goblonoids and orcs, and will most likely recklessly attack them if given the chance.

Bavragor is suspicios of magic as it is not a common thing and one cant “measure” magic the same way one measures alcohol or quality in steel

Bavragor Shimmerbeardslag [KIA]

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