Jerendias Blackheart


Of average height, atheltic build and pale skin, this Witcher stands before you with his intimidating stare with his yellow verticular eyes. He favors the bastard sword, let it be silver or steel. He also prefers light armor over heavier armor for maxium mobility and agility, and it allows him to walk more freely. More often than not he keeps a hood over him, to spare himself people staring and accusing him for being a monster as it only wastes everyones time.


He was born with a twin brother, they both were identical in almost every way. They was born into a wealthy family and was expected alot of, so he was sent away to a military academy in a caravan, his brother was kept at home since he was to inherit the wealth of his parents. But then something unexpected happened to Jerendias and he got captured by bandits from the caravan, he was kept in a dark basement, his captives were slavers who captured many people who they could manage to capture, Jerendias spent his time fighitng in the dark with his bare fist for when other humans got captured, they thought he was a easy target being young, but he proved them wrong on multiple occasions. His parents refused to pay the ransom and they said nothing to his brother, and so the bandits kept him alive only for his strong hands when working for them with physical labor.

He was often tempted by the thoughts of revenge, but he kept his cool and told himself it was not a wise move. Always tossed into the dark basement after the work he had too do, he was often in the dark for several days. A witcher named Kuati. one day stumbled upon the bandits, he dealt with them in the only way a witcher knew, setting up a trap. After dealing with them he freed him and the others, he then took a notice of Jerendias strong physical build and calm eyes, he took him back to a witcher guild house where they raised him as a witcher in the city Archriver. He is now out killing monsters as he was taught for a decade with the witcher’s guild.

Jerendias Blackheart

Dark Deception Failure