Cleric of Desna, traveller


Golden hair that has a faint glow of light

Azure blue eyes

medium long hair ( shoulders )

Donned in plate armor most of the time, underneath wearing typical sturdy traveling cloaks.

Also wearing a adventuring sash.


Fluff might get changed not 100% sure yet,

Luciet Bio

Luciet was born during a autumn storm, her parents tought they had gotten a healthy happy baby girl, but Luciet was no ordinary human. She was a aasimar, a good omen, or a bad omen depending on who you asked. Luciet’s parents where traveling folks and thus Luciet has experienced a lot of traveling in her youth and seen how different communities react to one such as her. Some places she was chased away with sticks and stones, otherplaces just words. She was always kept hidden away for her own safety in larger cities and has thus never actually SEEN a large city. Luciet often had dreams, weird dreams she couldnt explain, she could fly in them, she flew high amongst the stars and communed with weird beings, the one who particularry caught her mind was a giant butterfly woman thing. Eventually teh dreams became more real, she rembered them in vivid detail, and when she tried she could emitt bright light once a day. At first she was scared of her own ability, she was already feared enough for her shiny golden hair and radiant blue eyes. But in the dreams the being that called itself Sorrowbrand soothed her and told her everything was to go well, this was a gift. Luciet had but to aceppt it eventually Luciet did, and she gained the powers of a cleric.
She decided to see the world and one night left her familise caravan with nothing but a cudgel and a light crossbow and a butterfly brooch connecting her cape.

That was years ago, she is now confident in her own powers altough she seldom uses them when not needed, she travels anywhere at anytime without much care for the destination and purpose of the travel. As long as the journey is nice and in some cases she gets to fight beings of evil and help people she is content.

She sees dangerous destinations as a sign from her god that this is where she must go tomake it safer for others. As a result of this she has learned to fight using a variety of different weapons ordinarily she wields a sap, it is blunt and less likely to kill someone. She does not like killing for killings sake. But when it is needed she wields her scimitar and more often that not violence is needed.

She attempts to spread Desna’s word and has often been hired by caravan masters to bring luck altough sometimes she is mistrusted due to her heritage.

She recently enlisted on caravan heading into a area called feldelwoods forests. And is about to enter it with the caravan, the caravan is small and the area is extremly dangerous. Anything could happen

Quirks and stuff
She utterly adores cats, she treats cats as if they where sentient beings worthy of rescue as much as humanoids.

She attempts to spread the word of desna altough the word of desna is not easily understood by the common farmer or peasant, afterall they prefer to tend their crops and send thanks to old dead eye.

She is fiercly defendant of her friends, detests evil, does not use her powers for naught altough she has used her divination power to foresee future events as a way to earn coin. Afterall travellers needs to eat.

She prefers to use her weapons rather than magic, as magic is frowned upon most places in the world.


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