Panser The Raging Knight


Panser is an halfling he is 70cm tall and have silver colored eyes

he Hates : Goblins and Trolls(because they killed panther(mount))

he dislikes : Spiders , snakes , gorilla like creatures and ogers


Panser he where born in a small village with about 50 halflings in it and some humans, he was veary small to be a halfling and when he was 2 years old he got his first dog he called him Panther and he liked to ride Panther around in the village so he lived a kind of normal life exept that his best friend was a goblin that he played with so he learned their lenguage so that was how i he lived untill the day.. Panser birthday he had just become 12 when the village got attacked. big green creatures wearing big armors and there where some goblins there to with bows. they ran into the village killing every human and halfling. Panser got scared so he ran over to panther then he ride to a chapter house about 1km away into the forest the order of the dragon. when he got there he saw 5 knights with dragoons on ther shield and armor + horses and he said the village where under attack so they start riding to the village and Panser followed and when they got there he watched from a distance.. the battle was harsh the green big men died 1 by 1 and the goblins where no match.. he layed there for a long time with his dog panther suddenly he felt that someone grabbed him and picked him up it was an green man, Panser tryed to fight his way out then the green man where about to kill him a goblin came and stabbed him in the neck. it was his old friend the goblin he said that friendship was the most inportant in life and ran away. so panser mounted Panther and he began to ride to the chapter house to seek refugee he didn’t know what to do so the leader of the knights walked over to him ann said he where a brave halfling and he coudh be at the chapter house and train to be a knight later inn life, Panser got a new dog later after Panthers death so he called him Panther to and Panser became a knight when he was 16 and he sworn to fight for his companions and to be brave so he ran away to fight for further glory

Panser was killed in action against a plant creature int he fey..

Panser The Raging Knight

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