Dark Deception

Finally there part 3

As the troll ridden by several goblins charged fort the ground cracked menacingly, The party ignoring these hints of immense danger fought the Troll, some moved away while others where within striking distance of the troll and thusly refused to move to a safer location. After brutal fighting Panther was slain by the troll as Panzer tried to pull out of the fight. Alide was knocked unconscious and as Luciet tried to move over to her to administer healing aid the troll ate her.

Jeran the witcher charged forth as teh ground cracked and started falling, he tied a rope around himself and trew the other end to Artha. Artha and panzer secured the other end of the rope as Jeran got hold of both Luciet and Alide. After some dangling about the Troll losts its grip of Luciet and they started pulling them up to safety.

At this time Worgs where “sneaking” up on Panzer and Arth. After brief and very catastrophic negotiation the Worgs attacked Panzer and Artha, they somehow managed to pull Luciet, Jeran and Alide to safety.

At this point the worgs had managed to knock Panzer unconscious and had started dragging him away into tunnels leading deeper into the goblin “stronghold”.

After some hesitating and “planning” the party advanced onwards. Artha foiled a trap and scouted a big hall where we heard goblins and worgs, after some hesitation over their grand numbers we set up a cunnign attack plan, which when ready to be sprung had little effect due to the goblins no longer being there. We fought only the worgs.

Luciet and Alide quickly learned why you do not call a Worg a puppy or other dog related terms.

the figth was hard and brutal but ended with “victory” altough the worg leader was still alive.

the party advanced out in the direction the Worgs told us to and found Panzer tied up. we quickly disposed of his guards and freed him.

Then we started hightailing it back out again but once we returned to the hall where we had fougth the Worgs we where surrounded by 50ish goblins and a weird hooded small figgure.

The goblins led their “captives” to a grand hole deep underground and had us jump into it to take some kind of “test”.

down there we met a giant spider which we evaded at this point and then we entered into a giatn underground cave with a giant pavillion. After some “research” of a local alter we found we did some chanting and unleashed an anncient godess known only as “Bladed Queen” ( Or something like that ). She murdered the hooded figgure which had unbeknownst to uss followed uss down here and rewarded us with a bunch of magical items, a ring of “truth”, a masterwork splint armor, masterwork small steel shield, a bow of fire and a triangle thingie that levitated by itself and was “uncomplete”

And thats where we ended it

Finally there part 2

The next day the party learned that a key was needed to open the big gate and they decided that the two most likely locations of the key were either a strange tower or a huge open gate which there had been spotted goblins around.

The party decided to check the tower first. Upon arriving at the tower they notice that around the tower everything is in perfect shape, the grass is finely cut and there is no rubble here. As they enter the area all their clothes become clean, and beards are shaved into goatees and their hair is fixed to look nicely groomed. There is an overwhelming aura here too, but it seems to only uphold the perfect condition around the tower.

They find a double door leading into the tower with statues on either side of the door. As they approach a blue light is emitted from the statues illuminating an area in front of the door in blue. As the party enters the blue area it turns red and a sound is heard. The sound is found out to be a voice but the spell has faded with time distorting the voice beyond understanding. Also the door won’t open.

The inquisitor and the Halfling goes off to see if they can make a ram to open the door. This turns out to be a bad idea as they are ambushed by a four armed gorilla which kills the inquisitor. The Halfling rides back to the other two and they battle the gorilla. The elf dies.

(part where I wasn’t at the table, apparently they won and then they somehow came over some statues that turned into some new party members and then they went back to the camp)

While at the camp they tested out a bar of strange metal which seemed to defy gravity. They used it on the huge door and it seemed like an outer layer peeled of the door revealing strange green glowing runes covering the door, also the door was emitting a massive amount of heat.

After that they decided to check out the massive gate. A goblin spots them as they approach. Inside is a massive room with pillars and 3 more huge doors. The one straight ahead leads to another big room where the goblins have a arbalest set up pointing at the door. The party goes into the door on the left, and find a hole leading into the room with the goblins. They try a distraction but it fails and a poorly planned battle ensues. The goblins are defeated, but one goblin got away.

The party press on to exiting onto a cliff that looks over the ocean. The sky here is purple. They go on down the path toward a building which appears to be a plantation. But out of the building a troll bursts forth being ridden by four goblins.

Finally there part 1

The next day was spent resting, but Styke went out to see if he could save anyone of those that they had left behind at the pyramid. He returned in the middle of the night, wounded and without success.

The caravan travelled on and finally arrived at their destination. The ruins of an old city. There they met up with the group that was already there. They had set up camp in an open area in the city which was bordering up against a huge set of doors that they were there to investigate.

Later that day, ogres attacked the camp. It was a vicious battle due to the ogre spellcaster, in the heat of battle the dwarf died and Mr. caves. The party settled down to rest.

The pyramid

The caravan arrived at a canyon which was unnaturally round with a mountain going from the middle and far into the sky. The caravan had lost wagons on it’s way here because of the difficult terrain.

As the caravan continued into the canyon they came to a river running along so slowly that if it went any slower it would be standing still. The caravan got to work getting everything over on the other side but as they were halfway done something happened.

A troll appeared and went over to drinking water from the river, after it noticed the caravan because of a certain dwarf sticking an axe in it’s behind, a battle ensued. Men were wounded and killed but eventually they figured out that they needed to finish it off with fire.

They finished moving things over to the other side and continued. Soon enough they came to an old road leading in the direction they were going. Soon the caravan came to a rather ominous pyramid. Nothing was alive around the pyramid in a perfect circle. There was a strong magical aura over the place, yet the caravan decided to investigate as they didn’t instantly die upon entering the lifeless area.

When they got a good bit into the area, the ground began rumbling. Suddenly skeletons came out of the ground attacking everyone. And then as the party battled these skeletons another three skeletons armed and meaner looking appeared up ahead. The dwarf charged them and ended up being struck down. By then the caravan was already trying to retreat.

It seemed hopeless to get to the dwarf, but then ballista bolts rained from the sky which upon closer inspection turned out to be huge arrows being shot by a giant. With that distraction and both champion skeletons trying to kill of the elf. The Witcher got to the dwarf and carried him out as the rest retreated. As the where getting out of there the sky turned green and it began raining some kind of dangerous rain, also for a second it looked like there was a figure standing on top of the pyramid.

The caravan got out and they set up camp back down the road to rest after the days events.

The murder

After resting up, the party woke up to an unusually silent inn. They find out that there has been a murder in the Riverside district. The party decides to investigate, and after getting approved by the city guard they enter the house of the dead person. In the house they find a strange symbol on some black marbles that the murderer had stuck in the deceased persons eyes and it looks like the murder had ravaged the body until it was barely recognisable as a human.

In the basement they found a secret tunnel, inside the triggered a trap and the party was too hurt to go on. They returned to the inn, and while the wounded part members rested, the others went too see if they could find out anything about the symbol. They met an old man living in a tree that looked into it, but he found out nothing.

The next day the party went back down into the secret tunnel, it soon split into a T junction where they found out that one path probably led to another entrance due to a pit trap in that direction which seemed meant for people coming the other way.

The last path led into a room with statues lining the walls and an altar of some sort, the room was also illuminated by magical light. Between the statues were tripwires. But soon the statues woke to life, they turned out to be gargoyles. The party fled out a hidden door they found and ended up coming into the basement of an inn. They managed to get out of the inn with little incident and got to the city guard. The party explained what they have found and was offered an reward if they could clear out the gargoyles.

The party deciding that the gargoyles where to tough and too many for them to handle. So they left for Waterfall village were an archaeologist named Dr. Heartfail was waiting for anyone willing to sign up for guarding his expedition. Some days later they ventured out with the caravan.

New region, new possibilites.

So it begins… Part 2 31th March.

The party woke up to a fire in their inn, they quickly managed to get out, but the inquisitor saved a woman named Mariana and her two babies from certain death in the burning building. Grateful for him saving their life she gave him two purple like coins. They were recommended another inn now that their inn had been burned, thankfully the fire did not spread thanks to the dwarf’s efforts to make a bucketline. They went to the recommended inn “The prancing dragon” There they enjoyed the luxury of the inn for a couple of days to regain their strength.

After two days they went out again, this time to finish what they were planning to do earlier, locate the goblins and aquire the mail from the carriage. They set out for the carriage’s location and upon arrival everything had been taken, including the nails in the wood, but the planks themself were left there. The group tried to track down those who did it and stumbled upon a Gribling village, full of these small frog humanoid looking creatures they found out they love to trade, they managed to trade the mail back for a pair of daggers. They were halfway out of the village before they noticed the sun was going down and asked if they could stay for one night. The Griblings allowed them to stay for the night and even moved more space for their tent.

During the night something attacked the griblins camp and made off with the son of the chief. The group decided to track it, though the witcher was not very keen on doing this. After a while they got ambushed by a Giant Mantis which severely wounded the dwarf, but the group killed it. They kept on moving as this was not the monster they were looking for and eventually came to a open clearing were a Dire Wolverine was standing and eating at a gribling, agreeing that this was the monster that attacked the group attacked it. After dealing with it, it left the witcher in mortal injuries, but he was somehow still alive. It was now that they noticed it was a perfectly round clearing with a purple sky, the elf did not figure out what it was and they all left the clearing.

Returning to the gribling village they got praised as heroes until they mentioned that they had been in the purple clearing, it turned out to be their sacred ground and they were surrounded by weapons, after the chief spoke to the shaman of the village they were still accepted there and the shaman tended to the witcher’s wounds. Thankful for the aid and rest the party returned to the town and returned the mail, earning a hundred gold and they made their way back to the inn and rested there.

Thus it ends for now… Part 2 3th April.

New region, new possibilites.

So it begins… Part 1 27th March.

The party started in a carriage on the way to Grendelwood, on the way there they got ambushed by a large monster. The ambush resulted in the party being knocked unconscious. They woke up several hours later and got out of the toppled carriage. They carried onwards through the night towards Grendelwood. They arrived a couple of hours later only being told to wait until daylight to be allowed entrance. They waited until the next day and was allowed back in, they tried to find a inn for a place to sleep, they eventually found one after many hours of looking for it in the very disorganized town. They all paid for a night and went looking for work. They went to the Warden’s office and from there found some notices, one which caught their eye. WANTED: Mauler. They also found out there was possibly goblins and was offered a reward to find out if they were still there. The group slept for the night and woke up next morning and find out someone had been through their stuff, not stealing anything. They went towards the front gate and got ambushed by several bandits, the party fought them and ended in injury but chasing them off. They all went back to the inn to tend to their wounds. Hoping that they will not run into them again the next morning.

Thus it ends for now… Part 1 30th March.


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