Miran Talltree [KIA]

Elven Magus


Miran stands 2 meters tall and is lean looking. He has dark blue hair and green eyes.

He wears a grey shirt with a chain shirt beneath and another shirt below that again. He also wears brown pants and a black cloak with loads of inner pockets. He usually has his hood up around humans to avoid being pestered by their misguided dislike for elves.


Miran grew up in a elven town practising the art of the blade. As he grew older he came upon an althorian spellbook that he learned magic from.

He became intersted in Althora(the I became lost in transelation) and dug trou history books looking for more information but found little of use.

He found out that the civilisation of Althora was located in grendel wood and headed out for it.

Miran Talltree [KIA]

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