Morren of the Silver Arrow [KIA]

a young man driven away from the order he grew up and lived in.


A young man with blond hair and is slightly smaller then most folk.He have clear blue eyes that sometimes can be a bit frightening. He travels around in a leather coat, and a hat, but if u see under the cloak u see a armour made of the hides of deer.

He is not that trusting, but hides it.


Morren was an inquisitor that was in the Silver Arrow of Iomeda.
He is now banned and hunted of that excatly same inquisition, because of a dispute. The Master of the Silver Arrow was killed by Morren. He discovered that the master could not use “Magic” so he knew that either the master had betrayed them or he was simply too old. Being old is not nescessarily a handicap, but i he can’t use magic the Silver Arrow needs a bigger leader, so Morren killed him and ran away as a traitor, but sees himself as a saviour.

He denies that he can do magic, mostly because he sees it as a gift, and not magic. but in combat, he does what he must, no matter if the actions he does might get him killed later.

He tries to do what is good, that might put him in danger but he still tries to do the good thing.

His goal is ti survive long enough for the Silver Arrow to recognize their’e error and forgive him or if that will not happen he will make a home for him in Feldelwood forest, but for now he will join the fellows he met in the post carriage

Morren of the Silver Arrow [KIA]

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